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Brand Rivet Selection

Open-End POP® Rivets

Ideal for a very wide range of applications. Available in a variety of materials and combinations with dome, countersunk, or large flange head styles.

For brittle materials . . . POP® Soft-Set Rivets provide firm grip at moderate pressures for soft or brittle plastics. Available in dome head style.


POP® Multi-Grip Rivets

One POP® Multi-Grip Rivet serves different thickness applications. The grip range spans three sizes of rivets. Meets IFI standards for shear and tensile strength. Available in dome and countersunk heads.


Closed-End Sealing POP® Rivets

Exclusive POP® Rivet design prevents leakage of vapor or liquid. Provides greater tensile and shear strength than equivalent open-end types. 100% mandrel retention. Available with dome or countersunk head, solid or hollow core mandrel.
Now available in stainless steel.


The POP® Plus Blind Rivet

The POP® Plus Blind Rivet has a large blind side expansion specially designed to provide a secure and reliable fastening in soft, brittle, and thin gauge materials. It fastens and holds without cracking or deforming materials. With the Plus rivet, clamping force is spread over a wide bearing area during setting, allowing a strong grip to be exerted without cracking or pulling through the material being fastened. The Plus rivet is very tolerant of oversized, misaligned and irregular holes, and because it is a blind fastener, access is required at one side of the work piece, making installation quick and easy. It can be used in a wide range of material thicknesses. This makes it easier to specify the right blind rivet and decreases rivet inventory requirements. The POP® Plus can be set with standard POP® brand hand tools and power tools.

For High-Strength Applications . . .

POP® T-Rivets

Designed for high-strength applications. POP® T-Rivets have exceptional pull-up properties and provides high tensile and shear strength. Available in 3/16" and 1/4" rivet diameters with dome head. They can be set with either power or manually operated POP® Rivet Tools.


POP® UltraGrip High Strength Rivets

POP’s High Strength UltraGrip Rivets with a positive mechanical locking system, provide superior holding power over other high strength rivets. This system also guarantees 100% mandrel retention that is visually verifiable. The locking feature seals the mandrel head into the body preventing head drop-out and keeps the application free of contamination from metal fragments.


POP®’s high strength system applications include:

• Automotive
• Bus, truck bodies and trailers
• Metal building fabrication
• Heating and cooling systems
• Shipping containers
• Large computer and copy machine cabinetry
• Shipyard applications


POP® Rivet Head Styles

Dome Head

The most versatile and most commonly specified head style. Head provides enough bearing surface to retain all but extremely soft or brittle materials. Available in a very wide range of materials, finishes, and sizes.

Large Flange Head

Large Flange POP® Rivets have twice the under-head bearing surface of comparable dome-head rivets and are designed for applications where soft or brittle materials must be assembled to a rigid backing material.

Countersunk Head

This 120-degree head design is specified wherever a flush surface is required. Available in a variety of sizes and materials.

POP® Rivet Tools

POP® fasteners offer you a comprehensive line of high-performance setting tools-POP® Rivet Tools-designed for power, efficiency and durability. Refer to the POP® Rivet catalog for details on individual models.